“Sheridan, I’m fine and working with our couples therapist now (per your recommendation). Thank you for your concern and all of your help through my very difficult situation. Thank you again for literally being my right hand when I felt paralyzed.  My time with you provided so much clarity in my life.  Your natural kindness and insight have given me an example of how to inspire my daughter in a positive and loving way.  Thank you for everything and God bless you.  I will never forget you or how you’ve helped me.  I can’t sincerely thank you enough.”


“Over the past year, my life has completely turned around.  I came to you a sad and depressed 33-year-old man, unemployed and going through a divorce.  My world was crumbling around me.  You helped me to understand how to take control of my life again, and now, everything is good! I can never thank you enough!”

–Bill R.

“When my friends looked at me 6 months ago, they saw a very overweight young woman who felt useless and unimportant.  After our work together, I now feel confident and strong.  I have lost 50 pounds, have started my own business, and am dating a man I respect and more importantly, who respects me.  My self-esteem and self-respect are at a high level, and I know, thanks to you, they will remain that way.  Thank you for being my guardian angel, Sheridan.”

–Kelly G.

“Sheridan, when I came to therapy 9 months ago, I didn’t hold out much hope that things would change in my life.  You have taught me that I am the instrument of change in my own life and have control over my choices every day.  Learning to take responsibility for myself and my choices has let me make new and better ones, and get to a place of success and happiness on a daily basis.  I couldn’t have done this without you.  I will be forever grateful.”

–Michael S.

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